मोटापे को भूल टू-पीस में किया माॅडलिंग, वीडियो वायरल

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नई दिल्ली : आजकल एक वीडियो तेजी से वायरल हो रहा है। जिसमें एक लड़की मॉडलिंग करती नजर आ रही है। मॉडलिंग करने के साथ ही वह नए-नए पोज देती नजर आ रही है।
बता दें कि इस वीडियो को ये हैं मोहब्ब्तें की अभिनेत्री दिव्यांका त्रिपाठी ने शेयर किया है। इस वीडियो को शेयर करने के साथ ही दिव्यांका लिखती हैं कि 100 फीसदी लोग तुम्हारे इस लुक से खुश नहीं होंगे। साथ ही दिव्यांका लिखती हैं कि यह अपने में खुश और परफेक्ट हैं। ये मत सोचो की लोग तुम्हारे बारे में किया सोचेंगे। तुम ये सब अपनी सोसाइटी के लिए नहीं बल्कि खुद के लिए करती हो।

After a super sexy video of my husband…compelled to post another hottie's video…an old friend from LA. They are SEXY because they are confident, they are comfortable in their skin and because they don't do it for the society but for themselves. Size XS, S or XL…100% of people would never be happy with how you look! What stays with you is your soul… So strive to look beautiful but don't be so harsh to your inner being. Satisfy it, love it, embrace it whenever you can! Looking the way you want should be a part of living in a free society. I don't know why a world of possibilities is supressed then? Cheers to your spirit! You live once. Live free! -Divyanka @vivekdahiya @glambyruna #Repost ・・・ What does my man think? Sound on! My husband @nayyarazam12 knew I was super terrified to show my skin in public. When a fat girl wears anything sexy. She is basically ridiculed. Fat can’t be sexy. Although I felt naked in this outfit lol (not use to the sexy vibes) I wanted to conquer my fear. Fear that I had to be a size two, and wear something sexy. My husband loved this outfit and he was so into it. I want to say that my husband is a real example. He cheers me on with my visible belly line and all. He is not ashamed of me. I’ve never been “skinny” even when I was “skinny” people called me fat. Sad part is I was working out all the time to keep my body small. What I’m trying to say is. I’ve accepted I’ll never be good enough for society. But I’m good enough for myself. My family. My friends. My husband. I’m good enough to still fight society and change the language of body and beauty society standards. Body positivity isn’t just for fat girls! Self love is for everyone! And everyone is beautiful. Outfit by @prettylittlething #celebrateyoursize #plusmodelmag #hudabeauty #refinery29 #effyourbeautystandards

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